A Ray of sunshine amidst the drizzle


PSC Golf from Mulligans Lakeside

Tuesday, Jan. 3, Rayong C.C. – Stableford

The commencement of a new year and as it was a Public Holiday we took advantage of Rayong C.C.’s realistic fee structure.  The course has dried out significantly and despite the best efforts of the greens staff they could do with the bit of rain that fell during our round.  Having said that, the course is eminently playable and is the same for everybody on the day.

Ray Spence (H/cap 16) showed he has been needing some competition to bring out his best, either that or he was showing off in front of his visitors, Tony & Elaine, posting a strong 40 points, well clear of second and third placegetters Brian Maddox (20) & Jeff Wylie (8), both with 33 points but with Brian getting the nod on a 19/15 count back.

Thursday winner Willem (right) with Jim (center) and visitor from Holland, John. Thursday winner Willem (right) with Jim (center) and visitor from Holland, John.

Near pins were shared around between Allan, Jeff & visitor Tony, with one unclaimed and going to the Banglamung Boys Home.

Thursday, Jan. 5, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Willem Lasonder (20) showed the previous week’s second place was no fluke, going one better this week at Khao Kheow B & A with 38 points.  The course was in good condition, although the greens were deceptively slow, several players having trouble getting even medium length downhill putts to the hole.  Jeff Wylie (8) filled out today’s prize winners with a moderate 34 points.

Near Pins were again shared around between Daniel, Jeff & Jim, with one going to BBH.

Note:  Mulligans Lakeside plays golf generally on Tuesday & Thursday, with ML hosting prompt presentations on both days.  Call 089 094 1841 for scheduling or enquiries.  Hope to see you there, cheers & good golfing!