A long day at the office


PSC golf from the Three Sisters Bar

The weather gods were kind this 22nd of Feb at the Pattaya Country Club: just a bit of fog that cleared up fairly quickly.

Quickly however is not a term I would use for the “five-some” that went out ahead of our four groups.  A five-some would not have been so bad but four of them were duffers and held up everyone all around the course.  They had signed up in a block ahead of ours so there was nothing to be said.  Every single green had bad scruff marks around the hole.

Winner Vance Millar (left) with runner-up Richard Hall. Winner Vance Millar (left) with runner-up Richard Hall.

That, my friends, shows ignorant golfers who should not have been allowed on the course.  A complaint will be filed with the PCC regarding that group.

A total of 18 players showed up and cards were tallied at Caddy Shack II.  Coming in first place was Vance Millar with a 37 points.  Richard Hall also had a 37 but lost on the count back, followed by Kunaha Janathorn with 34, and three 33s, Pottida Murphy, Pat Clark and Michael Fischer.

Herbie provided the usual snacks of peanuts, pretzels and chips.  The entree today was hot dogs.