40 points ex(yak)tly


The BKackyard Golf Society

Emerald golf course has taken a bold step to attract the low-season crowds, with a round and a buggy going for 1250 THB on a Friday.  Naturally with that deal even the die-hard walkers are taking a buggy, so with the walkers still walking a lot of the course the caddies are delighted with the easy day.

The stableford competition winner today was Mickey ‘the Yak’, with 40 points off his absurdly generous handicap.  Near-pin today was also won by the Yak.

The big winner in the skins was Howard (nickname under consideration at this time but Hen-pecked has been suggested?) with 8 and in winning the first skin he also got last week’s single roll-over.  The Yak chipped in with 4 skins to give him a very nice pay-day, Irish John won 3, Russell “He’s a Victorian” and Dan Stitches scored singles and we have one roll-over to next week.