Phu Thai – cultural way of living of Udon Thani


Udon Thaini is the door to Indochina region. This economic province is only 50 kilometers from Laos. Its culture is a mix of Chinese, Vietnamese, Laos, and Thai. There are many beautiful temples and 5,000-year-old world heritage sites for travelers to visit. The Buddhist traditions and ‘Morlum’ music (north-eastern styled folk song) are what make Udon Thani unique.

“Phu Thai Na Yung always remember and be thankful for our ancestors. In this way, we will realize the heritage we possess and what we should value highly.”


‘’Phu Thai’’ is a spoken language which has the same meaning as “Phu Thai” people. Phu Thai people’s original settlement was at Thaen city, Sip Song Chau Tai state, Laos. Later, they have migrated to Thailand through Chi river, Baan ThaKhon Yang, Kantharawichai district in MahaSarakham Province. They have reached Pao river and built their community at Baan Na Yung Praya Suwannaphakdee (Anyaluang) was a governor. You will experience Phu Thai cultural way of living. The locals wear their Phu Thai traditional costume to worship Sa Anyaluang wishing for their happy and peaceful lives. In the community, people weave silk and cotton clothes on their own, using black as their unique color. Sinh in a peacock pattern and Sai Yen silk (in an eel pattern) are popular among tourists. There are sticky rice containers basketry and Tae Drum dancing, the ancient drum which is now preserved and used in joyful events.

The museum compiled information about cultures, traditions, tools and local knowledge of people in Phu Thai Baan Na Yoong.


The cremains of Praya Suwannaphakdee (Anya Luang), ThaKhon Yang’s governor, was kept at this temple. The governor looked after Phu Thai people who migrated to Baan Na Yoong. He had gained high respects from Phu Thai people.

The Buddha’s relic is located in this temple. It has the same structure as the one in Si That Pramuncha temple, Baan Nong Wang, Cham Pi subdistrict. Later on, the stupa​ was built to cover the Buddha’s relic as it is damaged. The exterior design is similar to that of PhraPathomchedi, the stupa in Nakhon Pathom province.

How to get there

From Udon Thani international airport, turn right onto the road no. 2423, turn left onto the road no. 216 and turn right to Mittraphab road. Continue driving for 27 kilometers. Turn left and continue straight on the road no. 2023 for about 40 kilometers. Then turn left to the street leading to the village.