Not so jolly: Mom wants NC Santa fired for fat-shaming son


Forest City, N.C. (AP) – Here’s a not-so-jolly story: A mother wants her local St. Nick kicked to the curb for fat-shaming her son. Ashley Mayse tells WLOS-TV that her 9-year-old son started crying when the Santa Claus on Main Street in Forest City, North Carolina, told him to “Lay off the hamburgers and french fries” during his Christmas visit on Saturday. The Santa is employed by the town of Forest City, and Mayse says coal in his stocking would be too good for such behavior. The town manager says Santa apologized to the family as well as a supervisor, but mom wants him to get a pink slip. Anthony Mayse, meanwhile, says he tore up his photo with Santa and will take his wish list to another Father Christmas next year.