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Is it time to re-start the Skål Club in Pattaya?

Ladies and Gentlemen Is it time to re-start the Skål Club in Pattaya? An easy peocess we need 15-20 members only to start a club. A...

Latest Pattaya entertainment crackdown the softest yet

Residents, expats and tourists reacted with resignation to the recently-announced closure of nightclubs, karaokes and bars which took effect on April 10. Chonburi (including...

Water inflation causes consternation on Pattaya beach

An angry foreign tourist berated a bewildered sales assistant for trying to sell a small bottle of water for 115 baht (about $US4) instead...

Bunker Boys slog through wet Pattaya golf week

PSC Bunker Boys Golf Monday, April 5th Green Valley 1st Les Cobban (7) 36 points 2nd Jay Babin (23) 34 points 3rd Paul Lanzetta (6) 34 points Near pins Jay...

Thai government offers insurance to Songkran travelers and Covid-19 at-risk groups

The Thai government has offered a special policy for people to insure themselves against Songkran traffic accidents and Covid-19 infections. Deputy government spokeswoman Rachada Dhnadirek...