Willy Russell’s legendary Blood Brothers comes alive on the Bromsgrove stage


The Performing Arts Centre at Bromsgrove International School Thailand came alive last week for the school’s roof-raising, crowd-pleasing production of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers. The West End musical, exploring the different fates of two boys separated at birth, gave Bromsgrove students the perfect chance to showcase their talents, with over 20 young actors treading the boards.

Jade Taylor carried the show as Mrs Johnston, the hardworking mother forced to abandon one of her sons to the rich and powerful Mrs Lyons (played brilliantly by Maria Keedus). Thomas Savage and Shawn Park excelled as her two sons, fighting for the love and loyalty of Linda, portrayed expertly by Daisy Savage. The performance was tied together by the narrator, sinister and scary in the hands of Iga Szczepanska.

Linda (Daisy Savage), Mickey (Shawn Park) and Edward (Thomas Savage), coming of age side by side.

Talented and skilled as were the lead roles, equally impressive was the ensemble as a whole, all of whom showed versatility and flair across a wide variety of smaller roles, and in some fantastic musical numbers too. Meanwhile, the auditorium truly came into its own, with fantastic scenery created and painted in-house, and the light and sound systems showing just what they are capable of.

Ms Gemma Reeks, Bromsgrove’s visionary Head of Arts and director of the production, said, “I am so proud of my wonderful cast, all of whom have worked so hard and for so long to give such a fantastic performance”. Dr Dan Moore, Head of School, was equally proud: “I already knew that this fantastic facility was the envy of the city. What was so wonderful was to see a cast equally world-class: the Performing Arts at Bromsgrove really are going places!”

Preparations are already under way for next year’s production, as staff and students try to decide on something even bigger and better than this year’s extravaganza. In the meantime, the cast of Blood Brothers are busy basking in the glow of this year’s success.

Iga Szczepanska as the omnipresent and ominous narrator.

Mickey (Shawn Park) and Linda (Daisy Savage) growing up together.

Mrs. Johnston (Jade Taylor) sings in the grand finale, ‘Tell Me It’s Not True’.

Mrs. Lyons (Maria Keedus) shares her plan to adopt one of Mrs Johnston’s (Jade Taylor) twins.

Shawn Park as Mickey, when life has taken some wrong turns.

The whole cast singing ‘Bright New Day’ at the end of Act One.


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