Top in Thailand


Two students from Garden International School (GIS) have been recognised by Cambridge International Examinations for their outstanding IGCSE results, it has been revealed.

Arjit Verma was named as Top in Thailand for three subjects: Co-ordinated Science, Geography, and World Literature. In total Arjit was awarded 9 IGCSEs, all with A*s. For every subject, Arjit scored more than 90 percent.

Arjit won an incredible three Top in Thailand awards for his IGCSEs.

What is particularly impressive is that Arjit’s awards come in three different areas: Literature, Humanities, and Science.

Meanwhile, Jun Beom Chi was given Top in Thailand for IGCSE Music. What is even more remarkable is that his sister, Sarah, gained the same Top in Thailand award for IGCSE Music two years ago.

Sarah went on to gain 41 points for the International Baccalaureate Diploma, which put her in the top three percent of students in the world. She is now studying at the world-famous UCLA in the USA. When Jun Beom came to GIS from Korea in Year 6 he had almost no English, but through his hard work and the efforts of teachers, he soon dramatically improved.

Jun Beom came Top in Thailand for IGCSE Music – just like his sister.

Arjit and Jun Beom’s results are truly outstanding. No other school in the region had awards apart from those for native languages, proving again that GIS is the most-established and most-successful IGCSE centre in the area.

IGCSE Coordinator Mr Stokes said, “This is an incredible achievement for both students. It demonstrates the incredible talents and dedication of our students – and the hard work put in by teachers to achieve this level of academic excellence across a range of subjects.”