St Andrews students achieve world class IB results


St Andrews students have, once again, achieved outstanding results at International Baccalaureate Diploma level with an incredible 100% pass rate compared to a world average of 79%. The majority of these students have now secured places at leading universities worldwide and are ready to start the next stage of their education.

Most International schools offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme for students aged 16-18 years old. This rigorous programme allows students to study a broad range of subjects, keeping their options open for the future. In each subject students are awarded points from 1 (the lowest) to 7 (the highest) and these are accumulated to reach an overall score. The maximum number of points that students can achieve is 45, whilst the 2015 world average was 29.88 points. St. Andrews students, however, performed far better than this achieving an average of 33.87 points, which compares favourably to larger selective schools in Bangkok. In addition, 43% of our students achieved the highest grades of six or seven compared to a world average of 28%. These results are even more impressive considering that St. Andrews is a non-selective school and students of all abilities follow the IB diploma.

Students achieved a 100% pass rate.

Whilst all IB students have achieved great success, special mention should be given to outstanding individual performances such as Tanoy Kanjanarat who achieved an incredible 41 points out of a possible 45 which places her in the top 3% of students in the world. She is now heading to Leeds University in the UK to study Chemical Engineering. In addition, Kitty Sompiyachoke achieved a Diploma Score 40 points which places her in the top 5% in the world.

Mr Andy Emery, the IB coordinator at St. Andrews said, “One of our many strengths at St. Andrews is the way we personalise students’ education to ensure that they make the right subject choices and receive quality one-to-one support from teachers. This coupled with dynamic teaching and learning ensures students make the most progress and achieve their best results.”

Tanoy Kanjanarat achieved an incredible 41 points, shown here with Mr. Harrison – Head of School.

The head of the secondary school Mr. Kevin McGee, who is obviously delighted with these results said, “I am so proud of all the teachers and students who have worked incredibly hard to achieve these fantastic results. This confirms why St. Andrews is the only school in the area that has been awarded a gold star outstanding status by a team of independent inspectors. Outstanding teaching and learning, outstanding care and support for our students and outstanding leadership and management leads to outstanding results at every level.”

Teachers have now said goodbye to the class of 2015, but they will always be welcome back to share their experiences and future success with the rest of the school. As Laura Fisher, now off to University College London to study Human Sciences said, “Most students in other schools can’t wait to leave school. But I will really miss St. Andrews and the incredible teachers who believed that I could do it, even though for a while I thought I couldn’t.”