St. Andrews IB students celebrate their graduation


On Friday evening, the Y13 students at St Andrew’s International School reached the grand finale of their scholastic journey: their Graduation! After weeks of revision and lengthy examinations the graduates arrived at the Centara Grand Mirage, sporting their academic gowns and mortar boards, tired but elated; relieved and excited in equal measure. Chatting amicably with family, friends and staff they posed for photos, relishing the congratulations.

The graduates then took their seats and were spoken about in turn, by teachers who knew them well and took pleasure in outlining the students’ trials and tribulations during their time at St Andrews. A sumptuous dinner was then served, conversation flowed and the graduates toasted.

St. Andrews IB students throwing up their mortar boards to celebrate their graduation.St. Andrews IB students throwing up their mortar boards to celebrate their graduation.

After dinner Mr. Harrison, the Head of School, spoke of the special nature of the outgoing Y13 class. He praised their diligence and compassion and underlined the importance of their exceptionally close but inclusive friendships with each other.

Beautiful bouquets of flowers and the all-important graduation certificates were then presented to each of the 17 graduating students. Mortar boards were tossed in the air to cheers from their supporters; the celebratory gesture captured by the attendant photographers.

Having sat back with their families, the graduates were then treated to a compilation of photos from their early childhoods through to their final weeks at school. Some photos were poignant, some downright hilarious and the graduates laughed and cried through the presentation, remembering the fantastic time that they have had together.

Finally they were invited to speak. Their speeches were heartfelt and full of emotion. They spoke of their love for their friends and family, their gratitude to their teachers and parents and their thanks for their time together. Their obvious affection for each other was touching and when they had finished they embraced each other, overwhelmed by the emotional rollercoaster of the last few months. They left as they had arrived; arm in arm, chatting happily.

Goodbye and good luck Y13, you are a fantastic group of students and we wish you all the best with your futures. Adventure is waiting!

The girls from the IB programme elegantly pose for their photographs.The girls from the IB programme elegantly pose for their photographs.