Sport for all at Regent’s School Pattaya


The Regent’s School Pattaya kick started its jam-packed month of sporting events by holding its first ever Secondary Sports Day last Wednesday. The day saw students fully enjoying the buzz of competition which will likely continue to become a new annual event to add to The Regent’s ever increasing list of activities.

All students throughout the Secondary School took part in a combination of events that included athletics, dodge ball and cross country running that worked on a rotational basis, so everyone got a chance to compete in the event that they wanted.

At the end of the day, it is all about teamwork.At the end of the day, it is all about teamwork.

Separated into three age groups, to ensure fair competition, U13s, U15s and Seniors played with a great sense of team spirit as they gave their sporting all to represent their house teams. The Regent’s sporting grounds and sports hall became a sea of green, yellow, blue and red t-shirts which the students wore with pride, knowing that their points contributed towards a final score for their respective houses. Inspired by this year’s Olympic Games in London, shot put and long jump were introduced to the athletics events – fully utilizing the school’s new long jump sand pit.

The day ended with a very exciting tug of war completion that saw students and teachers work together for their houses, vying for those final points of the day. In the end it was yellow house that came away with the most points. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of the PE department, with a special mention of Mrs. Ainsley Harris, the day was a great success that was enjoyed by all.

Regent’s students focus as they have their eye on the prize. Regent’s students focus as they have their eye on the prize.

November will also see The Regent’s host what should prove to be a successful U15’s FOBISSEA Games on 15th November whereby five schools from South East Asia join to take part in sporting competitions that includes swimming, athletics, football and basketball.

All the photos from the Sports Day can be seen on the Regent’s Pattaya Facebook page.