Pattaya Sports Club and Rotary upgrade water supply


Situated alongside the new road out of Pattaya, the brightly coloured building just to the right of the motorway is Nongprue School and home to 950 children under the age of 10.

The school opened originally as a small kindergarten, the drinking water went through a small domestic water filter which was suitable at the time for there were very few students, but as the number of students increased, additional domestic filters were installed. The amount of water consumed by 950 children overwhelmed the filters and it quickly became apparent that the they were totally inadequate for the purpose. A big water bottle was introduced with water being siphoned through a small filter, but with many children having upset stomachs, which eventually affected the teachers, a new system had to be considered as urgent.

The children say thank you to PSC and Rotary.The children say thank you to PSC and Rotary.

We are all aware of the importance of clean drinking water, particularly here in Thailand when the temperature is approaching 100 degrees and humidity is in the high 80s but particularly for children whose bodies are still developing.

Having recently donated 4 laptops and English/Thai dictionaries to the school, Pattaya Sports Club and Rotary Eastern Seaboard looked at the filters and agreed with everyone that something had to be done.

Philip Delaney encourages a shy young lady to speak English.Philip Delaney encourages a shy young lady to speak English.

Within a matter of just 3 or 4 weeks, everything was agreed and a much bigger, more efficient UHV filtration system was installed much to the delight of the schools’ director and staff. An additional benefit is the availability of clean drinking water to the families of the children, who generally come from poor families, to fill an empty container with water when meeting their children from school thereby saving a few baht every day.

Good to see the new filters in place.Good to see the new filters in place.

Everyone at the school were very happy that the problem of water had been solved and Philip Delaney, the English speaking teacher at the school from America, arranged a warm welcome for Pattaya Sports Club and Rotary to formally hand over the new system to the school. A delightful meal was prepared and many children thanked those present, in English, for all their efforts.

One of the old water filters.One of the old water filters.

The temporary water container.The temporary water container.

PSC and Rotary are welcomed by some of the children.

The children are aged between 6 and 10 years.