ISC discovers Hilton’s World of Chocolate


Year 2, 3 and 4 children from the International School of Chonburi have had a chocolaty term learning about their topic ‘From Bean to Bar’. They have investigated the journey of chocolate and found out where in the world cocoa is grown. This topic has taken them back in time to when the Aztecs were besotted by drinking it, through Willy Wonka’s magnificent factory, into the kitchen to create their own chocolate bar, behind the lens to produce their very own chocolate bar adverts and finally to the high heights of the Hilton to experience chocolate making by professionals. The bakery team at the Hilton put on a ‘choctastic’ performance at the Horizon Restaurant.

The children felt real cocoa pods, watched a video about the history of chocolate, participated in a chocolate quiz (obviously rewarded with chocolate!), watched the team make chocolate decorations which they themselves then made and ate. It was a magical experience and it has been an exceptional way of learning about something which we all love very much.

Thank you to the Hilton staff!Thank you to the Hilton staff!

Heewon practicing her decorating.Heewon practicing her decorating.

“This is a cocoa bean?”“This is a cocoa bean?”

Giulia’s verdict - “Delicious!”Giulia’s verdict – “Delicious!”

Learning how to decorate with chocolate.Learning how to decorate with chocolate.