‘A Day in the Life of a Minibeast’ at Regent’s School


It is hard to believe that our Reception children are only 4 and 5 years old when we see their confident singing, dancing and acting skills. This year the children put on an amazing performance of ‘A Day in the Life of a Minibeast’. The children helped make the props for the stage and some of the costumes.

The story carried the moral of how we should never harm small creatures because everything has a part to play in the environment. Whilst all the children were spectacular, a special mention should go to Natalie who played the part of ‘Bugsy’, the naughty ladybird. I’m sure we must have a budding actress there!

Bees buzzing around.Bees buzzing around.

Children from Father Ray, as well as many parents and grandparents came to enjoy this colourful performance. Well done to everyone involved and especially to parents for their support in helping children learn lines and provide costumes.

At the end of the show we took the opportunity to say farewell to Ms Lizzie, one of our Early Years Teaching Assistants who is moving back to Australia. She will be missed by everyone and especially by the children. Good luck Lizzie!

Ants in action.Ants in action.

Singing a little bee song.Singing a little bee song.

The cast.The cast.