A brief visit


COMREL, the community relations division of the annual Cobra Gold military exercises, recently arrived in Pattaya to encourage the participating military personnel to take part in volunteer exercises in the local community.

Unfortunately, and for reasons we may never know, several ships were rescheduled at the last minute and their personnel were therefore unable to perform all their arranged tasks.

The military personnel were due to perform several activities at the Father Ray Children’s Home and the Vocational School for People with Disabilities, but instead all crew were called back to base.

A future General.A future General.

However, they did make a visit to the Father Ray Children’s Village where after several hours clearing land ready to plant vegetables they sat down for dinner with the children.

No visit to the Children’s Village would be complete without the children performing for the guests and they were very surprised when the Marines joined them in a version of ‘Gangnam Style’.

After a dinner of traditional Thai cuisine the children were presented with more candy than they could possibly stuff into their pockets. Several cakes were also presented. Needless to say all the adults enjoyed a few slices.

New friends.New friends.

As usual the children melted the hearts of the Marines.As usual the children melted the hearts of the Marines.

Those Marine women are just as strong as the men.Those Marine women are just as strong as the men.