Transvestite arrested for stealing 2,000-euro ‘tip’


A transvestite was arrested for allegedly stealing about 80,000 baht from a Sri Lankan tourist who picked him up off Pattaya Beach.

The Sri Lankan called police around 2:30 a.m. Jan. 5 to report the theft of 2,100 euros at the hands of the prostitute who he’d had relations with at hotel on Soi 13/3.

A furniture maker in Denmark, the man was drunk when he met police and admitted he’d been proposition by a cross-dressing man and a woman on the beach and brought both to a hotel room. However, he found he only had one condom, so he dispatched the women to buy more while leaving the ladyboy in the room while he showered.

Nattawut “Sammy” Ardpaiwan was arrested for pilfering a Sri Lankan tourist’s money.Nattawut “Sammy” Ardpaiwan was arrested for pilfering a Sri Lankan tourist’s money.

Following the shower, he discovered that he had only 100 euros left in a wallet that once had 2,100.

The prostitute left and the man called the police, who quickly located Nattawut “Sammy” Ardpaiwan, 23, back on the beach with 1,300 euros tucked in his dress.

Police said he admitted to stealing the money and said he often did so, considering any cash he found in customers’ belongings as a tip for services rendered.