Teen confesses to bludgeoning murder of Naklua employer


A 17-year-old has been arrested for allegedly bludgeoning his employer to death in her Naklua home.

The body of Simale Wattanathum, 27, was found June 1 in her Rattakorn Village 1 house. She’d been hit several times in the head.  Cash and her Yamaha motorbike had been stolen.

The victim’s sister, Sripraphai Kaewlaphum, 28, told police she suspected a teen employee named “Jack” who had fled Pattaya.

Police bring in the teen to reenact his crime.Police bring in the teen to reenact his crime.

The following day, the teen was arrested at Polsongkhram Station in Nakhon Ratchasima. Police said he confessed to the murder, saying he needed the cash to pay off debts. He’d struck her with a steel bar three times, police said.

Pattaya police forced the suspect to re-enact the crime. As Sripraphai cried, the teen asked for forgiveness, saying he didn’t mean to kill her sister.

Sripraphai told him she did forgive him, but that he’d have to rebalance his karma by doing good deeds if he is eventually released from prison.