TAT sees no shift in marketing for 2014


With Pattaya continuing to increase its tourist numbers, the head of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s Pattaya office sees no reason to change his marketing strategy in 2014.

Director Auttaphol Wannakij said TAT plans to again focus its marketing efforts on Russia, China, India, South Korea, Germany and the Middle East.

Auttaphol Wannakij.Auttaphol Wannakij.

Domestically, everywhere except for Thailand’s south will again see road shows and promotional efforts. However, TAT may spend more time in Issan due to the increased numbers of Laotians crossing the border to spend time in the northeast.

Pattaya so far as seen a 5.1 percent increase in tourism in 2013, with 10.2 million visitors so far this year.

While TAT plans to keep its focus on the markets that are working, Auttaphol noted that the Pattaya and Chonburi governments are contributing money and manpower toward trade shows in Germany, the United Kingdom, Russian, India and Malaysia.