Signs, taxis targeted on Soi Buakhao


Having spent three months getting low-hanging signs pulled down on Walking, Pattaya city officials are turning their sights on Soi Buakhao.

Councilman Anupong Bhudanawarut chaired a March 28 Administration and Peace Maintenance Committee meeting to look at the signage issues on the narrow central Pattaya artery.

All signs must be at least 5.5 meters above the ground to allow passage of emergency vehicles.

Officials are turning their sights on disorderly and low hanging signs on Soi Buakhao.

There have been complaints from the Soi Buakhao Community about low signs, as well as others put up without permission and licenses.

Anupong said authorities would also go through the area to reorganize motorcycle stands, to be sure they and all drivers are registered and orderly.

The inspections will be carried out in tandem with police and soldiers from the 14th Military Circle.


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