Sagging utility wires tie up social media


Even as the Provincial Electricity Authority buries electric and utility wires underground on Central Road, drooping lines in East Pattaya are burning up social media.

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Photos of wires across Soi Nernplubwan sagging low enough to be snagged by passing traffic attracted the usual scoffs and scorn on the internet Oct. 11.

“It’s a terrible area and no one is in charge, leading to a disgraceful scene and constant accidents. Sarcastically, it will get fixed but only after a big accident,” the caption on the post read.

Messy utility wires are nothing new in Pattaya and while the government is doing something to remedy the problem, it’s apparently not fast enough for armchair activists.

The PEA is investing 11.7 billion baht to upgrade its infrastructure in Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai and Nakhon Ratchasima by 2021. The Pattaya portion of that is 3.1 billion baht.

As part of the project, 46 kilometers of overhead wiring will be moved below ground.



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