Residents win battle over stinky flour factory



Villagers point to the putrid water that has been stinking up their neighborhood for weeks.


 Angry Bang Saen residents finally convinced local government officials to shut down a putrid-smelling flour and starch factory that had been improperly storing waste water.

About 100 Wornnapa Beach residents led by Sansuk council member Pasakorn Hormhuan marched on Burapha Prosper Co. in Sansuk Oct. 1 after weeks of futile complaints to both the company and government leaders about the foul smells emanating from the plant. The issue boiled over after several days of waste water being illegally discharged from the plant, which sickened several children and elderly residents. 

 The smell is overbearing, bringing these women to tears.

Demanding that the company finally open its doors to inspectors, the residents were able to get Bang Saen Sanitary Engineering Division and Environmental Health Division officials to support them.

Once the doors were opened, the residents and inspectors were sickened by what they found: Pools of putrid wastewater were improperly being stored in concrete tanks, with water seeping out and a powerful stench dominating the plant.

Heeding residents’ demand, environmental officials immediately closed the plant and ordered a cleanup. They assured residents that the factory would not reopen until after residents could inspect the property themselves and were satisfied with the operation.



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