Prostitute arrested in deadly drugging, robbery of 3 Bangladeshis


A Beach Road prostitute has been arrested for allegedly killing a Bangladesh man and injuring two others after drugging and robbing them.

Malee Jindawong, 37, was captured at the Tui Apartments on Soi Bongkot May 14 after fleeing her Banglamung home.

Mizanur Rahman, 54, was found dead and Sanjib Saha, 59, and Harunur Rashid Munshi, 54, in a coma in their ransacked hotel room May 13.  The three had been visiting Pattaya with 17 other Bangladeshis.

Malee Jindawong said she was not surprised to have been caught after drugging the 3 men.Malee Jindawong said she was not surprised to have been caught after drugging the 3 men.

According to hotel employees, the Bangladeshis had brought Malee back to their room about 1 a.m. The suspect told police they’d hired her for group sex on Beach Road.

Malee told police, she suggested they have some beers, which she drugged with 10 tranquilizers. All three men passed out and she took loose valuables, broke open suitcases and pried open their room safe.

The victims’ Thai guide knocked on their door the next morning to call them for breakfast, but after getting no answer, he told hotel staff about a foul stench coming from the room. Employees opened the door to find the floor covered in excrement, clothes everywhere and the two breathing victims drooling from the sides of their mouths.

Police said Malee checked into the hotel using a Thai identification card reported lost at North Pattaya’s Big C supermarket a few days earlier. Security cameras helped identify the suspect, who police said had committed a similar crime against two Iranians at the Ambassador City Hotel in 2006 before she was married.

Despite having changed names and addresses several times during the past decade, officers were able to track Malee from Pichit to Nakhon Sri Thammarat to Banglamung to Pattaya.

Malee said she was not surprised to have been caught and had been waiting for police to arrive. In her room officers found about 800 baht in Bangladeshi currency, three mobile phones, a digital camera and notebook computer.