Policeman seriously injured capturing fleeing drug suspect


A Pattaya police officer was injured while trying to prevent a suspected drug dealer from escaping a failed sting operation.

Pol. Sr. Sgt. Maj. Timpan Philuek suffered five broken ribs and needed three stitches to close a face wound in the Dec. 13 incident. He was treated at Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Timpan was part of a team of officers who had arranged a drug buy from Chanarong Taenlee, 42, on Soi Paniadchang in central Pattaya.

During the operation, Chanarong realized he was being set up and tried to escape on a motorbike. Timpan grabbed the motorcycle and was dragged about 10 meters. The bike crashed into a parked pickup truck and fell over on the officer, crushing him.

Top Pattaya and Chonburi police officials visited the injured officer in the hospital Dec. 13 and praised him for his bravery and sacrifice in catching the accused dealer.

They presented cash to Timpan’s family and confirmed all medical bills would be covered by the police department.