Police detain fighting motorbike taxi drivers


Police briefly detained three motorbike taxi drivers caught on a viral video duking it out in the streets of Pattaya.

The video, shot by an unidentified foreigner on Soi Hollywood 13, depicted a fist fight between two unnamed drivers. Blows and kicks were exchanged and, just when both hotheads appeared to run out of steam, a third driver jumped in and sucker-punched the original victim.

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Witness Siriya Saenweing said she tried to stop the fight, but didn’t want to get too involved as she was helping two customers.

Drivers in the area called the matter a personal dispute started when one driver approached the other two men and admonished them for drinking on the street. One driver set upon the admonisher and the third man joined the fray once he knew the victim likely wouldn’t fight back.

Another motorbike taxi driver, Fai Rajkwan, 62, said the public shouldn’t be afraid, as it was just a personal matter and had nothing to do with the taxi business.

Police hauled all three in for questioning.