PEA threatens to turn off taps on deadbeats


Claiming deadbeats are drying up its liquidity, the Provincial Waterworks Authority is threatening to begin cutting off water to customers who don’t pay their bills within a week.

PEA officials said slow payers are causing the utility financial hardship. Cash flow, liquidity and accounting problems were but a few of the issues cited.

Therefore anyone who began water service with the PEA before Oct. 1 now faces having the tap turned off if they’re more than seven days late paying their monthly bill. The due date is marked in red on the bills, officials said.

Anyone whose water is cut off will have to make a new contract with the utility by presenting the paid bill, identification card and house registration certificate at the PEA Pattaya office.

For more information, contact 038-222-462-4 or the PEA Call Center at 1662.