Pattaya officials briefed on encroachment


City workers briefed top officials on Pattaya’s efforts to evict property owners encroaching on public land.

Deputy Mayor Vichien Pongpanit heard from Marine Department chief Eakaraj Khantaro and Land Department staffers at an April 10 meeting that had no action items on the agenda and only served as a status update.

Staffers told the top officials that while encroachment issues around Bali Hai Pier have been all but resolved, more-serious problems remain around the Plukplub and Naklua canals.

Teams have been on site recently several homes have been seen extended out into the canals. Land Department officials also were called to the scene to do the measurements and found that many more homes are deemed illegal and will be ordered removed.

City councilors confirmed that the Land Department will continue with the measurements and any property found invading the canals or public roads and footpaths will be ordered demolished immediately, or given a certain time according to the case.