Pattaya Mail launches redesigned website


Responding to the growing number of readers trying to keep up with the latest in Pattaya via their mobile devices, the Pattaya Mail has unveiled a redesigned website that fits any screen.

Ease of navigation was at the top of the design-priority list for the new, ensuring readers could move easily from one story or section to another.

Since its first print issue almost 24 years ago, the Pattaya Mail has listened to readers and introduced new features to satisfy the changing demographics of Pattaya, allowing the publication to remain fresh and relevant.

In the past few years, management has recognized the importance of broadening the Pattaya Mail’s appeal and embracing online publishing and social media. These days, the paper employs a dedicated team constantly updating the Pattaya Mail website and Facebook page.

The content comprises stories by in-house Thai reporters, regular foreign correspondents; contributions from the general public, charity organizations and business owners; and content from The Associated Press and Thai state news services.

A year ago, more content from around Thailand was added, as management realized many Pattaya expats have family connections and friends across the kingdom.

Electronic readers also can sign up for the e-mail newsletter, which includes the latest national and international news and sports. Signups can be made on or on the Facebook page.
While many readers still prefer to pick up a print edition of the paper each Friday, the additions made online have broadened the reach, influence and enjoyment of the Pattaya Mail to a world audience.