Pattaya launches community foot-mapping project March 31 in Lan Po


Five Pattaya neighborhoods have been chosen to be mapped on foot as part of a Social Development Department to get a better sociological view of each community.

Deputy Mayor Wutisak Rermkitkarn, and department director, Pannee Limcharoen, unveiled the foot-mapping pilot project for the Chumsai, Lan Po, Nern Thangrodfai, Nong Phang Khae and Rongmaikheed communities at a Feb. 27 meeting with representatives from Pattaya’s 42 neighborhoods at city hall.

Deputy Mayor Wutisak Rermkitkarn (center) and Ms. Pannee Limcharoen (to his right) discuss a community foot-mapping project with local officials.Deputy Mayor Wutisak Rermkitkarn (center) and Ms. Pannee Limcharoen (to his right) discuss a community foot-mapping project with local officials.

At the meeting, officials also unveiled the calendar of city-sponsored events for the first half of 2014. Events include a dharma “mind development” project, mobile government service March 13-14 at Pattaya School No. 2, a “benefactor search” program, various sports and recreational events.

It’s the foot-mapping project, however, that excited most of the meeting’s participants.  The project dates are March 31 in Lan Po, Rongmaikheed on April 1, Chumsai on April 2, Nern Thangrodfai on April 3 and Nongphangkhae on April 4.

A foot map of a community is a map originated from inspection of physical space and community environment, information that can only be obtained through observation and contact with each household in a community.

They differ from conventional table maps in that they are not copied or retrieved from existing information. Making of a foot map is important because it is deemed the best and fastest picture that can give a complete view of the community and also provides most information within a short period of time due to detailed study covering all areas of the community. It is not limited to only areas frequented by officers or easily accessed areas.

The importance of making a foot map is not getting a complete map but a map that allows viewing and understanding social meaning and social functions of those physical space, officials explained.

Full understanding of social meaning of the physical space will only be achieved upon personal observation such as wells in communities. It shows not only the presence of a well, but what it is used for. Hence, one learns the social function of the well.