Pattaya given black eye from viral knockout video


Social media has dealt Pattaya’s taxi drivers another block eye, this time with a video showing a motorcycle-taxi driver knocking out a South Korean customer with one punch.

The March 11 viral video, later revealed as being filmed outside the Ann Bar on Soi 5 near Second Road, also showed how bar staffers cheered on the Thai fighter and the resulting knockout, with none of the women going to his aid once he hit the pavement.

It turns out alcohol and extortionist pricing where both responsible for the fight.

Bar employee Dararath Kaewkerd, 33, said the South Korean man was drinking in the bar until getting drunk with a bill of 1,150 baht. He said he didn’t have enough money to pay the tab, so he went back to his hotel on Soi 4 to get more cash.

A motorcycle taxi knocks out a drunken Korean tourist with one punch.A motorcycle taxi knocks out a drunken Korean tourist with one punch.

A while later, she said, the man returned saying he left his hat in the bar, but made no mention of the unpaid tab. It turns out he had also refused to pay the motorcycle taxi, which charged him 200 baht to go the one street from his hotel to the bar.

The drunk tourist shoved the driver and made weak attempts at a kick, which sent the Thai man into full Muay Thai mode, kicking back and then landing one punch to the jaw. The Korean dropped like a stone.

When he revived a short while later, the tourist settled his bill at the bar and a staffer helped him back to his hotel.

Police said they are ready to pursue the motorbike driver, but neither party filed a complaint with authorities, so the matter will be dropped unless someone comes in.