New book illustrates history of HM the King and the Privy Council


The Lawyers Council of Thailand has launched a new book to educate the world on HM the King and the Privy Council. The unveiling took place at a royal exhibition at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

Author Sak Korsaengreung was on hand to debut “His Majesty the King and the Privy Council” at the beachfront mall May 28. Published in Thai, English and Chinese, the volume gives background of HM the King’s multifarious duties through Privy Council reports. The book is a collection of 19 stories by 19 privies with information and photos rarely seen before.

Author Sak Korsaengreung debuts “His Majesty the King and the Privy Council” now available in 3 languages.Author Sak Korsaengreung debuts “His Majesty the King and the Privy Council” now available in 3 languages.

Sak said the book explains to an international audience “what HM the King does, who HM the King does it for, and how HM the King does it.”

The book recites stories from sources at the Privy Council, which was founded in the period of King Rama V; roles and responsibilities the Privy Council according to the Constitution of Thailand, and history of each privy in the current Privy Council.

It also contains the first publishing of photos and HM the King’s speech to the Privy Council regarding duties and responsibilities, while HM the King was working with the councilors.

The articles that each privy wrote present events and feelings gained from working with HM the King. A variety of viewpoints and writing styles reflect HM the King’s profound thoughts, background of his diverse duties, his generosity and love toward people, and his professionalism in working for people’s happiness.

The three-volume, multi-language set sells for 999 baht. The Thai-only version is 199 baht while the English and Chinese volumes sell individually for 400 baht each. Proceeds from the sales go to the Ananda Mahidol Foundation.

The book was approved by the Privy Council.