Drunk Irishmen arrested for fight, stabbing of 2 Thais


Two drunken Irishmen were arrested for stabbing two Thai men during a fight over a Soi 8 bargirl.

Bouncer Yongyuth Yaiying, 23, and motorcycle taxi driver Phromma Khotsawan, 41, were attacked at the Boom Boom Beer Bar in Central Pattaya Feb. 3. Yongyuth, stabbed in the leg, and Phromma, slashed near the neck, were both taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Police quickly arrested 39-year-old Thomas Plunkett and Darren Philip Delaney, 40, after they sped off on motorcycles toward their South Pattaya accommodations. Plunkett was charged with knifing the two victims while Delaney was booked for being drunk and disorderly.

Neither Irishman went quietly, attempting to assault police and media members photographing their arrest.

Bar owner Nuch Beerdshel, 44, said the incident occurred after one of her employees returned to the bar after leaving to go with Delaney. He returned with Plunkett to cause a scene and when a motorcycle taxi intervened, Plunkett stabbed him and then the security guard, she alleged.

The two drunks refuted the bar owner’s version of reality, saying they were only defending themselves after being set upon by the two Thais.

Being foreigners, very drunk and having drawn blood, the Irishmen lost the argument and police threw both behind bars to sleep it off before prosecuting the charges.