Condo contractor agrees to resolve air pollution issue in South Pattaya


A major construction company has agreed to meet with residents of Soi Wat Boonkanjanaram who have been complaining for six months about excessive dust from its giant sand piles.

Worakit Ko Sang Construction, which has been the contractor for several large Porchland Group condominiums in Pattaya, told Pattaya officials visiting the dusty neighborhood May 21 that they wanted to resolve long-running complaints and would meet with neighbors.

Area residents are suffering a large dust problem due to this large sand depot in South Pattaya.Area residents are suffering a large dust problem due to this large sand depot in South Pattaya.

Residents living near Worakit’s stockpile of dirt and soil have complained about air pollution and the large number of trucks running soil in and out of the yard.

“My father and I have been affected since we own a shop and the dust settles in the store all day, decreasing the number of customers,” said Duangduan Waithayakorn, 37. “Plus my father has been experiencing health issues for three months due to inhaling dust.”

Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay and City Councilman Amnuai Sompongthum visited the area May 21, hearing stories that residents have tried to contact Worakit management for months about the problem, with no relief.

“From the inspection, we have found that this land consists of many sand mounds even with surrounding slants preventing sand spread,” Verawat said. “I have also noticed that 10- and 18-wheel trucks are used to transfer the sand, which does indeed cause air pollution. Therefore, I have coordinated with the owner of the company to solve the issue.

“The owner has agreed to improve the slant and frequently spray water including increasing the height of the slant. Finally, the owner is happy to meet with residents to learn of their issues and help find a solution,” Verawat said.