City attempts to correct poor Soi Yensabai road construction


Instead of lowering the road, businesses and side streets forced to elevate

Back when the new drainage was put in along Soi Yensabai, the construction crew raised the surface of the road. Now, all side streets connected to Soi Yensabai and all the businesses along it suffer flooding. It’s simple physics. Water runs downhill along the path of least resistance.

An obvious miscalculation during construction is forcing people owning homes and businesses leading off the soi to either raise their entrance roads or raise their homes to try and keep flood waters at bay. That is, those that can afford to.

Most recently, Pattaya has taken custody of a privately owned side street off Soi Yensabai and began upgrading it to solve flooding problems for residents of the NN Apartments and surrounding buildings.

The road works in process.The road works in process.

The owner of the street recently signed over the land to the city due to various problems and flooding. City hall then decided to improve the road’s surface and add additional drainage pipes.

The soi will become a concrete road 175 meters long and four meters wide. The objective is to benefit residents and general road users.

Construction on the 1.3-million-baht project began in mid-May and was slated to conclude July 14.