Casting set for Pattaya police’s Prince Chumphon monument


The plan by Pattaya’s police to erect a statue of the father of the Thai Navy outside the Soi 9 headquarters became real as top regional officers assembled for the figure’s casting and blessing ceremony.

Provincial Police Region 2 commander Pol. Maj. Gen. Thanet Pinmueng-ngam presided over the June 25 ceremony to launch the statue of Adm. Abhakara Kiartivongse, the prince of Chumphon. He lit incense and candles to go with prayers to “Sadej Tia”, who also has a statue at the Naval Radio Station on top of Pratamnak Hill.

The police chief, officers and revered monks preside over the casting ceremony for a Prince Chumphon monument being erected at Pattaya Police Station.

Monks Prajak Sangsawang and Luang Pu Bua Ket, abbot of Chonglom Temple handled the religious ceremonies, which included monks chanting while facing four different directions.

Finally, participants placed food offerings and other alms before the monks and the lead monk poured holy water on those attending to bless them.

Police officials then presented certificates to those who donated to the project spearheaded by Pattaya Police Chief Pol. Col. Sukthat Pumpunmuang shortly after he took over in February.

To raise the 1 million baht for the shrine, Sukthat had 10,000 Prince Chumphon amulets produced and blessed by Geji monks. They were sold at the station for 299 baht each.

The statue was intended to raise morale for Pattaya police.

The prince studied naval warfare in England and returned to Siam in the age of King Rama V to serve in the Royal Siamese Navy. He contributed significantly to the advancement and modernization of the service.