Bomb scare at Pattaya Bazaar


Two suspicious bags left in at the Pattaya Bazaar market set off a bomb scare, but turned out to be harmless.

The two bags left in a yellow disposal bin at the North Pattaya market Sept. 12 prompted calls to the police. Both bags were very heavy and explosive ordinance-disposal officers were dispatched to investigate.

It turned out both were stuff with clothing and rocks.

Two heavy bags left unattended at the Pattaya Bazaar market caused some concern, but turned out to be harmless. Police believe it was a prank meant to create panic.

Market chef Chan Hasook, 61, said she saw a thin man in his 30s with dark complexion leave the bags in the bin. She said she became concerned when she went over and tried to pick up the bags and couldn’t.

Police said someone was trying to create panic and pledged to review security camera footage to find the perpetrator.