Battle for Wong Amat Beach continues as city cracks down on beach chair vendors


Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh (2nd left) and city officials inspect Wong Amat Beach after receiving complaints about the beach bed and umbrella entrepreneurs.

Pattaya continued its battle with beach vendors near The Cove condominium project, cracking down on beach chair vendors who were taking up more than the allowed 60 percent of Wong Amat Beach.

Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh and municipal enforcement officers swept onto the beachfront behind The Cove construction site at Soi 18/2 and Naklua Road Oct. 14. There they reapportioned lots for seven beach chair vendors and laid out rules to ensure they leave 40 percent of the sand for public use, as is required throughout Chonburi.

The area has been an ongoing battleground between the city and vendors of all types. Many have earned a living on Wong Amat Beach for 20 years or more and are outraged with attempts by condominium owners to close off portions of the public as “private beaches” for their residents.

In January, Ronakit and city enforcers cleared out 50 food and other vendors from the same area, leading to complaints the city was protecting the interests of commercial investors over long-time family entrepreneurs.