Banglamung School organizes academic seminar on ASEAN Economics Community


With the launch of the ASEAN Economic Community less than three years away, Banglamung School organized a workshop for its students to understand the meaning of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and to encourage students to participate in activities that build unity amongst children.

Hosted by Principal Nopadol Laung-onn and four vice principals, the Aug. 22 event featured competitions on academics, Thai mannerisms, Dharma storytelling, morals singing, ASEAN country dress, ASEAN flag naming and ASEAN country singing. It was patterned on the National Education Act pushing students to be the center of education, to be involved in activities for students to have skills, knowledge in building one’s potential.

Students perform an ASEAN dance at the workshop. Students perform an ASEAN dance at the workshop.

The event’s purpose was for children to develop themselves, have the knowledge, skills, morals and intellect, for children to have higher education, learn to enter society and to select students with skills to compete in academic competitions. All in all for students to learn of the ASEAN Community that Thailand is joining in 2015.