2 holidays, motorcycle show create traffic nightmare in Pattaya


Makha Bucha Day saw much praying in Pattaya, and some of it was in hopes of getting through the holiday traffic more quickly.

Roads entering both Pattaya and Jomtien Beach were jammed, as the long Feb. 14-16 religious-holiday weekend also featured Valentine’s Day and the Burapha Bike Week event.

It was estimated that 40-50,000 people attended the bike show, resulting in 80% occupancy for the weekend.

Traffic was tight all weekend throughout Pattaya.Traffic was tight all weekend throughout Pattaya.

The traffic likely would have been worse had Pattaya’s hundreds of bars and clubs not been closed Friday for the Buddhist holiday.

The bike event did, however, have one positive side effect on the streets: Usually teeming Beach Road and its side streets were unusually quiet during the Feb. 14-15 show.