How Thai Life Insurance can reduce Personal Income Tax in Thailand


Thai insurance companies provide two types of life insurance which trigger a personal income tax deduction in Thailand:

1.  A regular life insurance policy – Deduction for premiums up to THB100,000 per year. The policy must be contributed to for a minimum of 5 years with 10-year coverage.

2.  A Pension Life Insurance Policy – Deduction for premiums up to THB 200,000 per year under the following conditions:

* The amount claimed for this deduction must not exceed 15% of the taxpayer’s annual assessable income.

* The sum of the Pension Life Insurance premium and any contributions to either: a provident fund, government pension fund, welfare fund under the private school law and/or any investment in the Retirement Mutual Fund (RMF) must not exceed THB 500,000 in any calendar year.

* If a taxpayer does not fully claim a regular life insurance deduction (clause 1 above) up to a maximum of THB 100,000 they may claim up to a maximum of 300,000 baht tax deduction on contributions to a Pension Life Insurance policy.

Contributions to the policy must be maintained for a minimum of ten years. The pay-out period should be between the ages of 55 and 85 but requests for payment prior to this will be considered providing there have been contributions for five years.


Below is an example which illustrates how someone who earns THB 5,000,000 per year would benefit by purchasing life and pension life insurance.


If someone with an income of THB 5m pays THB 300,000 total in life and pension life insurance premiums, those premiums would be added to the tax allowance. The tax rebate would amount to THB 111,000; making the net premium price just THB 189,000. With a calculated return of 37%, the percentage gain over the net premium would be 58.7%, without including annual growth of the investment. At the same time he/she has the peace of mind of having a life and pension insurance – a potentially useful benefit. Even better, you can show your beneficiaries (e.g. Thai wife etc), that they will benefit if you should unfortunately part this mortal coil earlier than planned. However, I suppose, on the other hand it may just encourage them to help you on your way…in other words – Caveat Emptor!

Example of tax calculation with and without life insurance.
Description Standard deductions Including Insurance Premiums
Income 5,000,000 5,000,000
Expense 60,000 60,000
Personal 30,000 30,000
Children’s education
Life Insurance premium 100,000
Pension Life Insurance premium 200,000
Housing Interest
Social security fund
Provident fund
Total Allowance 30,000 330,000
Net Income 4,910,000 4,610,000


Tax Calculation
Net Income Rate Income Amount Tax Payable Income Amount Tax Payable
1 – 150,000 0% 150,000.00 0 150,000 0
150,000 – 500,000 10% 350,000.00 35,000 350,000 35,000
500,001 – 1,000,000 20% 500,000.00 100,000 500,000 100,000
1,000,001 – 4,000,000 30% 3,000,000.00 900,000 3,000,000 900,000
over 4,000,000 37% 910,000.00 336,700 610,000 225,700
Total Tax 1,371,700 1,260,700
*** Saving of THB 111,000


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