The Euro IceLAB Cryo-Spa – Is it for you?


The range of conditions that are improved by a therapy course in the IceLAB Cryo-Spa is nothing short of amazing.  The other amazing feature is that there are no drugs to take, as the whole process is physiological, releasing your own natural hormones and chemicals which in turn provide a healing process from within your own self.

One area where much research has been done is in the field of Rheumatology, and that term covers inflammatory joint problems, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, tendon problems, fibromyalgia, polyarthritis, spinal pains and muscular spasms.

Drs. Wichmann and Fricke in Europe published their scientific paper on “Whole Body Cryotherapy at minus 110 degrees C in patients with ankylosing spondylitis.”  Their summation was, “Based on our investigation results, whole-body cryotherapy has a particular therapeutic value within the context of the combined treatments required for ankylosing spondylitis.”

Drs. Kargus, Blum, Tauber and Teuber investigated, “The effects of whole body cryotherapy in inflammatory and non-inflammatory rheumatic diseases.”  The diseases suffered by the patient group with rheumatic arthritis and fibromyalgia satisfied the diagnostic criteria of the American College of Rheumatology.  They reported, “an improvement in the pain scale of 24 percent.”  With rheumatoid arthritis they stated, “whole body cryotherapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis has shown that this form of therapy represents an effective means of treatment, especially in acute stage symptoms or when the disease is still at its onset.”

Of course, whole body cryotherapy in the IceLAB is also beneficial for those without rheumatic diseases, but who are sportsmen and women who are exposed to high muscular loads through concentric and eccentric power exercises.  The European sports Center has been using an IceLAB since 2004 to prevent muscle soreness as it stops the accumulation of harmful metabolic byproducts in the athletes.

The new IceLAB Cryo-Spa at the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is the first one in Asia, but is backed by the 20 years of research in Europe.  To see if the IceLAB is for you, call in and see the friendly staff who can advise you further, or visit the hospital website or ring 1719.