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Slow pipes leave Pattaya water trucks awash in business

With water pressure running low in many areas, water suppliers are awash in business in Pattaya. Earlier facing the threat of the worst water shortage...

HHNFT manager honored for social work

The manager of two Human Help Network Foundation Thailand centers was awarded the country’s top prize for social workers at a ceremony in Bangkok. ...

Nong Plalai kids schooled on recycling

Nong Plalai students learned the importance of recycling and how to sort their rubbish. Mayor Pinyo Homklin opened the Feb. 18 environmental event at Nongket...

American democrats living in Thailand will vote first on Super Tuesday

2020 Global Presidential Primary 3 – 10 March 2020 American citizens living in Thailand have the opportunity to help choose the Democratic nominee for US...

Mark Twain in Jomtien

A few weeks ago, I read Mark Twain’s splendid travel book again, The Innocents Abroad which was published in 1869. It was based on...