Noodle for the doodle?


Dear Hillary,

The local noodle shop has got a gorgeous young girl doing the deliveries.  They’ve only been going two weeks but I’ve already become friendly with them.  Mom does the cooking and daughter does the running around.  I am getting on really well and would like to take the next step with the girl, but how do I do this, Hillary?  She has a little English and I have a little Thai, so it’s not too bad.  Where do I begin?  Do I talk to the Mom first or what?  I am pretty serious about this, so don’t throw me in the waste bin.  You always say we should look at girls away from the beer bars, so you should be pleased with what I’m trying to do.


Dear Denver,

What makes you think your ‘kwiteo’ girl is as interested as you are?  Sure she’s not just being polite and getting you for business for her mother’s noodle shop?  This is all far too fast, my Petal.  How old are you?  I would guess at much older than the noodle girl.  Perhaps you should be looking at her mother instead?  At least you will always get fed, though noodles three times a day might get you down in the end.  Hope you handle chopsticks OK.

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