Tiffany Show puts magical twist on cabaret


Pattaya’s Tiffany Show has a new trick up its sleeve, mixing its signature cabaret performance with magic from “illusionist of the decade” Joe Labero.

The Swedish magician debuted his “First Magic In Fantasy” show at the Tiffany Theater May 3. It runs through August.

Assistant Managing Director Alisa Phanthusak said the magician’s performance is mixed with cabaret acts and unique props. The aim of the show is to bring something new to the long-running cabaret and attract new audiences.

Joe Labero mysteriously walks through a floating body.

Labero, voted “illusionist of the decade” at the 2009 Magic World Cup event in China, made cabaret performers seem to float in mid-air and enthralled audiences with a “smoke chamber”, “death chamber” and making tables fly.

The 100-minute performance was followed by music acts by Tiffany Show regulars.

Labero, 52, began his magical vocation at age 12 and staged his first professional show in 1991. Since then he has made a career of doing long-running productions around the world.

Joe was locked up in chains, but still managed to get himself out… a true master magician.

Labero said the Pattaya show was challenging in many ways. Combining two teams that have never worked together was complicated, he said, but after some practice, they proved successful.

Performances begin at 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. Tickets range in price from 1,500-3,000 baht and can be purchased via Thai Ticket Major or For more information, call 038-421-700-5.

The hair raising moment when Joe has only 10 seconds to free himself before being devoured by the shark-like jaws.