The Pattaya Mail: Twenty years of excellence


For the past two decades, I have relied on the Pattaya Mail to high-light events in my own life (such as they have been!), as I enter the “home stretch” of my own four decades.

From the fateful day when I was “press-ganged” by the Executive Editor, right on the streets of Pattaya, I realized that I had joined a dynamic ship, destined for virtually unlimited land-falls, under the firm hand of helmsman Peter Malhotra, founder/owner of the “good ship Pattaya Mail”.

And what a ride it has been!  From virtual obscurity, I have achieved some notoriety through the pages of the region’s best news medium.  Although I concentrated on covering marine and water sports, the breadth of the Mail’s out-reach took me into new disciplines, “sailing” – to continue the allusion – “into unchartered waters”.

Through the Mail’s dedication to promoting Pattaya and the Eastern Seaboard in the most positive light possible – as a family-orientated resort – the Mail supported – and continues to support – local, regional and world yachting events held in Pattaya and throughout the Kingdom.  The press and media coverage increases exponentially with each event.

Two great occasions have marked my own passage in the lee of the Mail and published thereby.  The most notable was producing a series of beautifully-illustrated books on Their Majesties the King, the Queen and members of the Royal Family, sailing, racing and supporting yachting in Pattaya, amongst their numerous activities.

The second was when Peter M. instituted the “Pattaya Mail PC Classic” yacht race, the most recent of which was incorporated into a world championship, held earlier this year at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club.  Over the years, these events have received world-wide coverage, honing in on the beauties of Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard.

During the course of successive “PC Classics”, many of the local entrepreneurs, hotels like the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, as well as  members of the private and public sectors, contributed as sponsors and much assistance was dedicated to the less privileged of our society , especially children and the aged.

Thus, I am most happy to be a part of this marvellous enterprise the Pattaya Mail and I salute Peter and all the dedicated staff who, in a brief 20 years, have contributed so much to the denizens of the Eastern Seaboard, the environs and the general welfare of us all.

May the Pattaya Mail continue to thrive and prosper for decades to come.