Surreal oil paintings by Thai artist stretch imagination in Silom


Weaving imagination into his surreal oil paintings, Thanasathit Kongsathit, with freedom of thought and a smooth expertise created a collection of artwork now on display in his first solo exhibition entitled “Tempting Passion, Vanishing Emotion”.

His paintings convey various emotions – bliss, grief, loneliness and the state of being allured by enchantment and sensual pleasure.

The artist gained experience from travelling to find the meaning of life both from the outside world and in his own mind. Those experiences become materials to produce the work, carrying viewers of his paintings to the borderless land where they can release their minds and thoughts beyond their imagination.

Full of vivid colours, his paintings are enticing.

“I spend about 18 hours with my artwork everyday. It’s like eating rice. I’m happy with it. If I do not touch it, I feel fidgety, I’m uneasy. I do not expect visitors who come to my exhibition to think the same way as I did. They may see a pig, or a hen, while I actually did not think about those animals at all. I want them to have freedom to imagine whatever they like,” said the artist.

Devoting himself to the art, which becomes a part of his life, he always opens up for a new element to inspire his idea to create something new.

“I view a lot of artwork. I go to art galleries every week. I see art on websites and Facebook to drive myself to the trend of 2012. It is an exchange on the Internet. I see what is going on in the Philippines, the US and Thailand.

Art in many countries is not greatly different. The world of art moves forward together in the same direction,” he said.

His paintings are on display at the Number One Gallery in Silom until October 20.