Pattaya Rotarians and Hong Kong Lions donate One Million baht for humanitarian projects in Pattaya


The Rotary Club of Phoenix Pattaya, under the leadership of President Hubert Meier, gave a big “thank you” to Rotarians and members of the Lions Club of Phoenix Hong Kong at a “Together We’re Strong” party.

Meier showed his heartfelt gratitude first to members of the Lions Club of Phoenix Hong Kong, which is headed by his wife, Rosita Li-Meier, at the Dec. 8 party at the Holiday Inn Pattaya.

Margaret Grainger conveys her profound gratitude to the kind-hearted Lions and Rotarians.

The two clubs had earlier that day made donations to the Banglamung Home for the Elderly, Hand to Hand Foundation and the Heart 2000 HIV/AIDS prevention program run by Dr. Philippe Seur.

The Lions from Hong Kong and the members of the RC Phoenix Pattaya said that the presentations on Dec. 8 were a special experience, especially with the kids of the Hand to Hand Foundation under the care of Margret Grainger.

Dr. Philippe Seur gives an insight of his work with Heart 2000 caring for HIV/AIDS patients.

Gunther Dumke and Tipp procured an ultrasound scanner worth 180,000 baht for the Banglamung nursing home. The residents showed their appreciation by performing Thai dances and sang traditional songs, inviting the guests to join in the ‘ram wong’ dance.

Marlis Wenger initiated the relationship with the Hand to Hand Foundation and was responsible for every aspect of building the Phoenix Garden Project costing 360,000 baht.

Rattanachai Sutidechanai, Chairman of the Tourism and Culture Committee represented Pattaya City in giving thanks to the benefactors.

On top of that, Willie and Project Chairlady Alice Yip from Hong Kong brought 60 plush toys for the children, whilst Ivy Hu sponsored four electronic educational toys for learning English and mathematics.

Rotary Club of Phoenix-Pattaya charter President Stephan Heynert took care of the financial issues and served the project on a daily basis, spending many hours on it with team members Jo Klemm and Dieter Barth.

Pratheep Malhotra, Past District Governor of District 3340 Rotary International encouraged cooperation amongst various organisations to do good for mankind.

At an evening party, Meier said the smiles of gratitude of all the beneficiaries were the result of international teamwork.

“The help of all the people here is what makes Rotary. It was a very happy and fulfilling day to see big smiles at the elderly home, happiness from the small kids at the Hand to Hand Foundation and get a big hug from Dr. Seur,” he said. “I would like to thank all the members and friends of both clubs who showed this extraordinary commitment by donating funds or to making big personal contributions to these events.”

Two Phoenixes with hearts of gold. Rotarian Hubert and Lion Rosita ‘Liebe ohne Grenzen’.

President Hubert and President Rosita presented plaques of appreciation to those who had played vital roles in making this million baht project a resounding success.

In his keynote address, Pratheep ‘Peter’ Malhotra, Past District Governor of District 3340 Rotary International commended both the Lions and the Rotarians for the joint effort, encouraging service and charity organisations to cooperate with each other in humanitarian projects to alleviate the sufferings and hardships of the underprivileged.

President Hubert Meier (centre) Rotary Club of Phoenix-Pattaya and Alice Yip, (right) Project Chair of the Lions Club of Phoenix Hong Kong present a cheque of 180,000 baht to the Banglamung Home for the Aged.

Margaret Grainger (left) is thrilled to receive 180,000 baht to help care for children at the Hand to Hand Foundation home.

Rosita Li-Meier president of the Lions Club of Phoenix Hong Kong presents a gift to a child at Hand to Hand.

Lions and Rotarians join in the ‘ramwong’ with ladies at the Old Aged Home.

Hand to Hand children are thrilled with their new unique garden structure.

Stuffed toys from Hong Kong were a big hit.

Together we are Strong! Rotarians and Lions pledge to ‘Be a Gift to the World’ with ‘Dignity. Harmony. Humanity.