Jackalope & Jesters treat Camillian Center kids to Christmas shopping bonanza


December 15th was the date picked for our annual Camillian Center Children’s Christmas Shopping Trip to Big C in Rayong. The day started with members from the Jesters – Bill, Erle & Woody – handing out Jesters Care for Kids 16th anniversary t-shirts to all the kids, followed by an appreciation song and the presentation of artwork to myself and Woody.

Upon arrival at the main entrance to Big C, the Camillian Center staff – which included Paul, Father Tao, teachers Nong, Ying, Gann, Narr, Big, Ying and Tic took charge of the group of 62 children to give them their instructions and directions. While we were taking pictures of this trip, we noticed a large number of household goods – mops, brooms, dust pans & cleaning supplies being added to the shopping carts. We later found out that some of the staff and kids decided to give small gifts back to the Center in the form of cleaning supplies.

After an hour and a half, the shopping was done and it was time for the Big C staff to total up all the individual purchases and final tally. This year nearly 64,000 baht was spent, with plenty of happy faces on all the kids.

We would like to thank Siravit Suwannasar and his staff at Big C in Rayong for all their help in making this another memorable day out for the children. Finally, thanks to all the staff at the Camillian Center for once again planning and organizing not only this shopping trip, but all outings that the Canadian Jackalope Open and Jesters Care For Kids provide for them.