International Day of Yoga Pattaya 2016


In 2014 at a meeting of the United National General Assembly, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, suggested the date of June the 21st to be known as International Day of Yoga.

Six months later, a record 175 member states adopted the proposal and the first International Day of Yoga was celebrated on June the 21st 2015. This inaugural event saw people in more than one hundred nations taking part, with more than thirty five thousand people in New Delhi participating in what became the largest ever yoga class.

International Day of Yoga 2016.
International Day of Yoga 2016.

This year, 2016, International Day of Yoga will be celebrated here in Pattaya, on the afternoon of Tuesday the 21st June at the sunken plaza at Central Festival Pattaya Beach.

The event starts from 16.30, and includes an opening ceremony with VIP guests, a performance of Fly Yoga and a community yoga class which it is hoped that several hundred yoga enthusiasts will attend.

This is an event not only for yoga devotees, but one for the whole community, Thai and foreign, young and old, male and female, rich and poor.

It is free for everyone, though a donation is requested, and optional, and which will be donated to the Father Ray Foundation, Pattaya’s largest charitable organization.

This will be the second International Day of Yoga, and an opportunity for everyone here in Pattaya to join together to celebrate this ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice.

The 2015 Yoga Day in Bangkok attracted more than seven thousand devotees.
The 2015 Yoga Day in Bangkok attracted more than seven thousand devotees.