Important clarification regarding Mr. Parisorn Noja, the HHN Foundation Thailand and the Child Protection and Development Center


Recently there have been several false rumors about the relationship between Mr. Parisorn Noja (Khun Ja) and the HHN Foundation Thailand and the Child Protection and Development Center (CPDC).

This communiqué addresses these rumors and is signed by Mr. Parisorn Noja, Mrs. Radchada Chomjinda, Executive Director of HHN Foundation Thailand and Mr. Ewald Dietrich, President of HHN Germany and witnessed by Mr. Francesco Caruso, Director of Child Programs at the ADM Capital Foundation.

All parties have agreed that the following is the best way to work together to protect vulnerable children in Pattaya:

1. HHN Thailand Foundation, ADM Capital Foundation and Mr. Parisorn Noja have decided that a stronger anti-trafficking and child protection program is needed in Pattaya;

2. Mr. Parisorn is the most qualified person to lead such a program in cooperation with the Royal Thai Police and International Police Forces;

3. Mr. Parisorn Noja will not be directly employed by HHN Foundation Thailand but ADM Capital Foundation and HHN Foundation Thailand (with funds from G/Tip) will support his Anti Trafficking initiative;

4. HHN Foundation Thailand will be responsible for the operations of CPDC;

5. Mr. Parisorn Noja will cooperate with CPDC and refer children at risk to CPDC in all cases possible;

6. Mr. Parisorn Noja will provide direct support to teenage street-living boys who are currently receiving no support from any organization;

7. Mr. Parisorn Noja will continue to cooperate with HHN Foundation Thailand in protecting vulnerable children in Pattaya, while running the Anti-Trafficking Program;

8. ADM Capital Foundation will supervise Mr. Parisorn Noja’s activities and help liaising with other anti-trafficking organizations it supports in the Region;

9. HHN Foundation Thailand, HHN Germany, ADMCF and Mr. Parisorn Noja confirm that they will continue cooperating in Pattaya in order to provide the best protection possible to vulnerable children.

All rumors of disagreements between HHN Foundation Thailand and Mr. Parisorn Noja are false and all parties are in agreement regarding the development of CPDC and of the new Anti-Trafficking Program.

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