How you Cared for Kids in 2011


Jesters Care For Kids 2012, Sponsored by Glencore International and Canadian Jackalope Open

It is almost half past 2012 already, and as you might imagine, we are actively seeking donations for this year’s 15th Annual Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive. After all, nearly 90% of what we raise each year comes from corporate and individual sponsorship, and thanks to your recurrent generosity, you have allowed us to take on 65-plus projects benefiting needy children’s projects since 1998, including the maintenance of our core beneficiaries on a monthly and/or annual basis.

It is very important to us that you know which projects your donations support each year, and to that end, one of our most effective PR tools is our annual brochure that details where the funds raised from the previous year have been distributed. In order to get this vital information to you as soon as possible, the following is a preview of how you cared last year:

Cheering for the green team at the Blind School Sports Day. Cheering for the green team at the Blind School Sports Day.

Due to your generosity in 2011, we were able to distribute 4,685,398 baht in cash donations, or 97.7% of the net raised, by the end of our fiscal year on March 31st 2012.

Below are the needy children charities that you are supporting on the Eastern Seaboard, as well as tsunami orphans in the south and a flood relief project in Nakon Pathom for the renovation of a school:

Our Target Charity: (Registered Charity No. Tor 460/2543)

The Fountain of Life Center in Pattaya (2,407,923 baht), under the Good Shepherd Foundation, provides kids with documentation, education,  activities, meals, medical/dental care, and ultimately, scholarships for entering gov’t schools. This past year 69 children received scholarships.

The Next Step Program (52,815 baht) provides scholarships for special cases and young adults for vocational colleges and universities.

1. Tsunami orphans in Krabi (40,815 baht) are continually being provided with scholarships in the south since 2005 through the Sriphong Khaoluan Foundation.

2. 10 university students are being supported through funds given to the Fountain of Life Center above. Eight are in their 3rd year, one is in his first year and another will graduate this year.

3. Pichit Kaewgomin (12,000 baht) is being provided with scholarship for vocational college in Sattahip.

Schools:(436,590 baht)

1. Chaknak Primary School in Nong Prue (10,000 baht): Provided special lunch for the students and staff to assess their needs.

2. Tungklom Primary School in Nong Prue (46,590 baht): Installation of new water filters system and replaced chemicals in primary filters.

3. Pluak Dang School in Rayong (130,000 baht): Supplied 3 water filtering systems and upgraded an existing system.

4. Wat Puttamrangsi School in Nakon Chaisri, Nakon Pathom (250,000 baht): After being flooded for two months, we paid for their repairs and replacement of educational aids.

Special Schools: (415,140 baht)

1. Khao Baisri Special Education for the Disabled in Sattahip (205,140 baht): Provided funds to finish construction of new classrooms, as well as initiated a monthly stipend for basic necessities in May, 2011.

2. Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind in Naklua (110,000 baht): We provided for medical supplements and drinking water system.

3. Special Olympics in Pattaya (100,000 baht): Sponsored 4th Special Olympics Thailand Eastern Region Athletics Championship held at School #7 in Pattaya last November for 250 handicapped athletes.

Shelters and Special Cases: (1,184,030 baht)

1. Camillian Home in Lat Krabang (600,000 baht): In a joint venture with the Canadian Jackalope Open, we continue to sponsor two disabled HIV-infected children.

2. Camillian Social Center in Rayong (47,000 baht): Along with the Canadian Jackalope Open, we also took 70 kids from this center for Christmas shopping spree and on a trip to Pattaya Park. We also took 50 kids to Dream World amusement park in Bangkok this year.

3. Ban Jing Jai Foundation in Nong Prue (360,000 baht): We cover the monthly food and utilities cost for 84 orphans.

4. Kate’s Project (15,000 baht): helps the poor in Nong Prue. We sponsored Christmas party for the low-income families in the area.

5. Kharma Foundation (50,000 baht): In a joint project with Ray Matti, we supplied educational materials, agriculture products, sports equipment and clothing for kids at Baan Mae Gon School in Mae Sariang.

6. Share Love with a Friend Project in Nong Prue (112,030 baht): Since June, 2011, we have provided monthly distributions of rice and milk to poor families with disabled kids, as well as wheelchairs and walking aids when needed.

Miscellaneous: (188,900 baht)

1. Shirts (168,900 baht): 563 event shirts were donated at cost to kids from our various projects.

2. Fair Coupon Redemption (20,000 baht): Issued our project kids with coupons so they had free access to all activities. In turn, we reimbursed private contractors.

If you too would like to help the needy children in our community, please visit us at and/or

Please also remember that our Children’s Fair is on Sunday, September 9th and Gala Party Night on Saturday, September 22nd.